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Tanzeel is aimed at connecting you with the Qur’an. Our highly qualified teachers and innovative, interactive learning tools will InshaAllah assist you in your Qur’an journey!

Did you know?

Tanzeel is a registered non-profit charity, 100% managed by volunteers? Tanzeel team consists of a group of young working professionals from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Egypt.

A Major Disconnect

In today’s day and age, and being Muslims of the 21st century, we identified that there was a major disconnect between Muslims and the Qur’an in their daily lives. This Qur’an Program is our attempt at serving the Book of Allah such that we may assist our students in developing a relationship with the Qur’an that is based on correct and proper recitation and an appreciation of the magnanimity and beauty of that which they read.

Connecting with the Qur’an

Tanzeel was established in early 2011 for the purpose of connecting Muslims worldwide with the Qur’an. Within the first year of starting up, a centre in Egypt was successfully established; and since then the Qur’an revival project has grown through the permission of Allah on the back of dedicated volunteers to an international venture that is teaching hundreds of students spanning from the UK to Australia, South Africa to Malaysia, Canada to India and so on.


Responses from students have indeed been outstanding, with a number of learners from various countries writing to us and voicing the sensational feelings that Tanzeel brings them. Spirited positivity and immense gratitude underlie each of their testimonials, many of them Eeman- energizing to read and simply heart-warming.

Real People

With the help of a marvellous team, devoted teachers, and a generous few, through this Qur’an Program we have strived to have impacted the hearts of Muslims worldwide, seep into their daily lives, nurture their love of Qur’an, and strengthen their connection with Allah.

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